Address: 0x1e7572Fb16E176d40d28090E51a7A9eA08f68199

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Symbol: MEOW

Total supply: 666,666,666,666

Tax: 0


the coin of space exploration

What is Meow Coin?

In a world where memes reign supreme and cats rule the internet, Meow Coin emerges as the ultimate embodiment of whimsy and wonder in the crypto sphere. Inspired by the quirky charm of our feline friends, Meow Coin invites you to embark on a delightful journey where every transaction is infused with the magic of catnip and curiosity.

01Open the Uniswap exchange

Uniswap is the best decentralized exchange in ERC20!

02 Connect your wallet

Enter the contract address and select Meow Coin coin. Then enter the amount you want Want to buy, say, 1,000,000

03Buy some Meow Coin

You can purchase Meow Coin with any supported liquid cryptocurrency Uniswap, ETH or USDT is recommended, please note slip tolerances Exchange, less than 5% of the exchange will fail!

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Do nothing but kindness every day.

Through fundraising campaigns such as the Meow Coin satellite launch and ongoing education/outreach programs, we aim to push cryptocurrencies into New Territories, both literally and symbolically. Our mission is to promote the development of society through good deeds and creativity, and to inspire more people to participate in it.